This year’s Rock and Ride for the Cure Beneficiary is Naomi Psavko (“Saav-Co”).  She has tragically been diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer, an adenocarcinoma. This is a devastating diagnosis for anyone, but particularly painful in her case because it came weeks after the birth of her son Zachary. Naomi is the mother of two young children — Gracie (2) and Zachary (just 12 weeks) — and she is incredibly young for this particular type of cancer. At the onset of what will be the battle of her life, it is clear that she and her family are in desperate need of help. Naomi’s doctors have set up her treatment plan and she is beginning chemotherapy immediately to try and shrink the tumor on her pancreas. From there she’ll need major surgery to remove the tumor and then even more chemo to ensure she’s cancer free.

Bruce Panfil

Naomi Psavko

Naomi and and her husband, Simon, will need to pay for care to help with their small children and look after Naomi while she recovers from chemo and surgery. Simon is self-employed, provides the family’s only source of income and will need to take unpaid time from work to be present for his wife and kids. The vast majority of Naomi’s family also lives too far away to dedicate 100% of their time to taking care of her and her children while she goes through treatment. On top of this, the Psavko family’s medical insurance will not cover much of the cost for Naomi’s care and they will continue to have hefty medical bills to pay through the course of this journey. Since beginning chemo, Naomi has also had to stop breastfeeding and the cost of feeding her infant son is another huge expense this family will now have to take on.

Money from attending this years Rock and Ride will go directly to Naomi and her family to help her during this unimaginably difficult time. You can also make donations that will go directly to helping Naomi and her young family — greatly reducing her stress and giving her the healing power she needs! Let’s help this sweet mama, her loving husband and their babies live a long, full life together and breathe even the slightest bit easier through this extremely difficult time. Naomi and her friends and family, who love her dearly, are grateful for your support!